H-Frame Scaffold System

H-Frame Scaffold System

Consists of welded frames of two verticals & two horizontals of 48.3 mm OD verticals, braced together with scissor type cross braces secured by spring clips. Bracing is provided in alternate bays for scaffold heights upto 20m and in all bays for greater heights. 'H' frame with 60.3 mm OD. verticals are also available for staging of heavier structures.

Item Code Size (mm)
301 2000 x 1250
302 1500 x 1250
303 1000 x 1250

All other sizes & finishes are also available
H-Frame are available with socket type/spigot type ends.

Cross brace
H-Frame Scaffold System

Manufactured out of 20mm NB pipe. Suitable for Frame spacing 2.5, 2.0, 1.5 ,1.0 Meters.